Mohamad: Sports Student

Mohamad studies Sport at Harrow College. He undertook a work experience placement at a Leisure Centre in Portugal. 

Mohamad explained that completing a work placement is a requirement on his sport course. 

I thought, why not do one abroad! The desire to travel, meet new people and throw myself into a completely new environment motivated me to work hard and earn a place on the trip


I researched the company that I would be working with, and discovered that it was looking to expand internationally into European markets. I greatly impressed my employers with my research and insights during my first week!

My placement 

I worked with disabled people at the leisure center and helped with their lessons. I developed a communication guide which was adapted to the different countries which I had to interact with.

My confidence, inter-personal and problem-solving skills were greatly boosted. Living away from home in a foreign country gave me a taste of independence and responsibility, which I would not have had otherwise.

The impact

My efforts throughout the placement earned me the praise of my boss who asked me to continue working with the company once I returned home, and I gladly agreed! 

I am now carrying out my role whilst completing my sport course. This will look great on my CV when I apply for a job. The placement made me realise that I prefer developing my skills in an actual workplace.

The location 

Povoa de vazim is a haven for delicious food, beautiful architecture and museums. There is always something to do.

My advice.. 

 Make the most of the experience, stay focused on what you are doing and your goals. Be flexible and always look for solutions.

  • Living away from home in a foreign country gave me a taste of independence and responsibility which I wouldn't have had otherwise.

    Mohamad, Sports student

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