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Through this Erasmus plus funded project, we were able to support skills development and raise aspirations by introducing young people to practical and positive experiences of the workplace in a business environment.

As well as offering long term work placements for recently graduated students, we also partnered with four Further Colleges in the UK to offer work placement opportunities to their business and IT students, in Malta and Prague.

All participants gained technical skills related to their field of study, and had the opportunity to gain real life work experience in their chosen sector.

The work experience placements provided participants with the opportunity to develop the skills that employers want. This was particularly pertinent in the context of the covid pandemic, when opportunities for work experience and, indeed, for travel, were significantly limited.

In addition to technical skills, participants developed soft skills, such as confidence, team work and adaptability. They developed their language competencies and capacity for cross cultural working and communication.

95.52% of participants surveyed fed back that they were more confident and convinced of their abilities and 95.52% felt they had improved their technical/professional skills and competences.



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